Paradise Malta

Malta is the mediterranean's holiday cosmos. with an outstanding archaeological and architectural heritage will act as an impressive backdrop to all of one's activities - a living testimony of 6,000 years of civilisation.

Young Maltese come from all over the island to let there hair down, hence it gets very busy here, especially on weekends (also somewhat on wednesdays, for midweek drinking sessions).

Almost all the bars and clubs have free entry so you can wander from venue to venue until you find something that suits you.

The bustling atmosphere, cheap drinks and lack of cover charges makes Paceville well worth a visit.

Malta is an island country in the Mediterranean Sea that lies south of the island of Sicily, Italy. The country is an archipelago, with only the three largest islands (Malta, Ghawdex or Gozo, and Kemmuna or Comino).

Pleasant holidays

Those who came once to Malta especially whilst cruising the Mediterranean keep on coming to Malta describing it as the ultimate tourist destination.

Locals are friendly and most Maltese speak English, and Italian and their own Maltese language.The legacy of the various dominations who ruled over the islands throughout the ages can be seen, felt and savored. Monuments, churches and beautiful gardens reminiscent of ancient times and ancient conquerors are still well maintained and can be viewed anytime.

If you are looking to spend pleasant holidays in action or relaxation, tranquility or excitement, you can find it in Malta

No visa is required for entry by EU and American citizens. Visitors from outside the EU, including Americans, must fill out a landing card, available on board some arriving flights (sometimes) or in the entrance hall of the airport from the small box between the customs' agents.

When you are in Malta you definetely have to visit one of Malta's sandy beaches such as Golden Bay, Malta's most beautiful sandy beach, on the northwest coast of the island. Another great tourist attraction is the Blue Grotto.

It's a series of seven caves and inlets on the southern side of Malta famous for deep blue waters and spectacular natural rock formations. The Blue Grotto may be accessed by small traditional boats, skippered by cheerful Maltese guides, which leave from a well-signposted pier just off the main road along the south coast.

Holiday flight

Booking your holiday flight for Malta has never been easier. Malta possesses its own national carrier, Air Malta, with regular connections to many European, North African and Middle Eastern centres. There is also connection to London Luton and Dublin via Ryanair.

The islands possess one international airport, Malta International, located at Luqa.

The Maltese currency is the Maltese lira (LM, MTL), also referred to as the pound, which is divided into 100 cents. One of the strongest currencies in the world – as of January 2005, a single Maltese pound is over €2.3 – it takes a while to get used what seem like deceptively low prices.

The main Maltese night life district is Paceville just west of St. Julian's. Malta is well known for it's night life comparable to the best spots in the world. Top DJs are invited for special parties whilst daily discos and rock sessions are held in Paceville.

The official languages are Maltese and English. Italian is widely understood and spoken, especially by the younger generation. You can get around just fine with English alone, but even a few words of Maltese will be much appreciated.

It has become very easy to reach Malta now that Low Cost Flights have been introduced.